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Whether it is a shopping centre or a corporate business office; janitorial is an important aspect that should be considered to ensure a smooth flow of business. When establishing a business many do not think too much about maintaining the hygiene of their work place. To many this is only a matter of mopping the floor and dusting the furniture. But what exactly is commercial cleaning, what kind of service can you expect from the commercial cleaning services provider, what hazards can you avoid by employing a professional cleaning services provider? Let take a look in detail.

Our custom designed and flexible work schedules will meet and exceed the expectations of each of our Clients and their stakeholder’s specific cleaning needs. To ensure our work fulfils your requirements, we operate a strict quality control and supervisory program. Our on-site presence and regular review with our customer’s keep us informed and updated on how well we are performing. Our team relish your feedback and critique at all times which enables us to be ahead of our competitors.

Office Cleaning Services

Sparko's office cleaning packages help keep your office space spick and span giving your employees a clean, safe, and healthy environment to work in.

Shopping Centre Cleaning

Sparko provides cleaning services to shopping centres from Neighbourhood size to Major Regional Shopping complexes.

Aquatic and Sports Facilities Cleaning

We offer quality cleaning and maintenance services for many sports and aquatic centres using state-of-the art equipment and cleaning procedures.

Medical Centre Cleaning

We offer special cleaning packages for medical centres ensuring a healthy and clean environment for a smooth flow of work.

Cleaning Services for Banks

Our commercial cleaning services are meticulously planned and come with flexible schedules, ensuring our personal and business clients a hassle-free experience

Child Care Centre Cleaning

Our professional workmanship, state- of-the-art cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning materials are ideal for cleaning child care centres.

Warehouse Cleaning

We ensure that we maintain superior standards and adhere to best safety and health policies when attending to warehouse cleaning tasks.

Water Blast Pressure Washing

Sparko offers water blast pressure washing services that are ideal to get rid of even the most hardcore dirt patches, graffiti, muck, and stains in buildings and sidewalks and parking lots.

Apartments and Body Corporate Cleaning

With the perfect blend of expert staff, cleaning materials, and workmanship we are able to maintain and clean any types of apartments.

Facts to consider, when selecting a cleaning service provider...

When starting up a new business whether it’s a spacious shopping Centre, a retail outlet, office complex or service apartment, it is important that the cleanliness of that premise be taken into consideration at the initial stages itself. Many make the mistake focusing on the finance, furniture, human resources etc and put the janitorial aspect to the back-seat. This is a common but hazardous mistake .The reason you must employ a cleaning service professional at the early stage itself is to avoid health hazards in your work place.

It is the responsibility of the cleaning service provider to help you identify the importance of maintaining the hygiene of your environment. They will map down the important locations and the type of cleaning each space should be given. Depending on the type of the space (shopping centre, retail outlet, school etc.) each of these areas in such spaces usually require individual treatment. Some will only need a regular mopping and dusting where else some may require additional germ protection methods.

Further a cleaning services provider will also help you with the time table that must be adhered to during the cleaning process. Most business owners want to avoid peak hours, or at least minimize the hassle caused to their visitors. Your cleaning services provider should understand this too. Depending on the type of business or the nature of the business premise the cleaning services provider must be flexible enough to adjust to the cleaning routines or time periods most convenient to the business owner and his clients.

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